Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Request to send Articles for Souvenir 2007

It is a great pleasure to host OBA Meet 2007 at Davanagere in Dec 2007. It is further my pleasure to work with all the enthusiastic and energetic ajeets of Davanagere and guidance of Shri G D Kale, to edit / bring out the Souvenir 2007. This Souvenir will be concentrating only on the experiences of the School and related articles. Therefore I request you to send the articles on the fallowing categories.
Main Theme
Main theme the Souvenir is going to be is on the Lives of those whom we are missing. With a focus on the martyrs (Who lost their live while on Service whether in Armed Forces or in Civil Life)
The Articles are expected from the close ajeet`s friends / Relatives of the Martyrs.
Personal experience section
1. Personal Experiences in the School that may have changed your life remarkably.
2. Those experiences that may look to be humorous/ silly/ to be laughed at / funny, at this point of time but which was a very serious then.
3. Experiences involving your other friends / teachers that reveal truth or rather a buried truth that you want every one to know about it.
4. A very serious incident that you and your family should know about it.
5. Any events that you may have achieved / missed in any kinds of competitions- inter house or inter school
6. All kinds of mischief?

All the above could even cover the campus life of National Defence Academy as well from those who made it to NDA.
The last day to send the articles for the souvenir is 30th of October 2007 & the best articles will be rewarded suitably. Even the Ajeets in the school & teachers are also requested to write articles in regard to their experiences with OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION OF SAINIK SCHOOL, BIJAPUR.

I request every one to forward this mail to the ajeets that you are in touch with. So that it reaches every ajeet.

I request every one who receives this mail to write an article for this section of the Souvenir.

The Soft copies could be mailed to or or SHIVAMURTHY GOWDA <>, oba sandesh kumar sandy <>

The Hard Copies could be sent to

Nagendra V Mali,
Executive Director,
Navachetana Foundation,
"Hitaishi", Shirur Group,
P B Road, Haveri - 581110, Karnataka
Phone 9900559777 / 08375-235859

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Nagendra V Mali 1785, Wodeyar House